Save the date(s) – Bullseye mono-trainings for first responders

To ensure a harmonization of the procedures in response to chemical and biological threats, experts and practitioners will be brought together during five monodisciplinary trainings, as well as a cross-sectoral exercise in 2022. These five monodisciplinary trainings will test out the harmonised procedures for the first-, second-, and third-line responders that have been established during the previous four workshops of WP3.

After careful evaluation of the monodisciplinary trainings and possible adaption of the harmonised procedures, a cross-sectoral exercise will be organised to ultimately bring together all disciplines to test out the procedures collectively.

The calendar for the mono-trainings and the Cross-sectoral exercise are the following:

Date Description Who? Where?
01/06/2022 –
Mono-training 1: 2nd line practitioners Emergency medical services, CBRN-specialised medical services Spain
20/06/2022 –
Mono-training 2: 3rd line practitioners DVI/forensics, CSI Belgium
28/06/2022 –
Mono-training 3: 1st and 2nd line practitioners Fire fighters, Specialised Fire fighters (hazmat), CBRN Response Unit The Netherlands
31/08/2022 –
Mono-training 4: 1st  line practitioners Police Poland
06/09/2022 –
Mono-training 5: 1st and 2nd line practitioners Police, Specialised Police Unit Slovakia
19/09/2022 –
Cross-sectoral exercise Practitioners from all disciplines The Netherlands

If you have questions regarding the mono-trainings, or if you would like further information, please contact the coordinating team on

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