Network of expertise

Bullseye’s network of expertise is expanding with every project activity. These are some experts who were involved in the project’s activities until now, such as the workshop for first-line responders.

Antonio Acevedo Pies – Spain

  • Police Officer since 1981, working in different areas such as Public Security, VIP Protection, Underground Security on Major Public Events
  • Current position: Inspector – Team Leader of CBRNE (Bomb Squad) at HQ, the unit responsible for training and developing the Spanish Police’s CBRNE system
  • 20 years of experience in the specialized CBRN/IEDD Unit

Fabrizio Malaspina – Italy

  • 31 years of experience as a fire fighter, of which 17 years as a member of the CBRN Emergency Unit; real-life activity in CBRN, HazMat, industrial fires, earthquakes, floodings, landslides, forest fires, forensic and judiciary police investigations
  • Senior instructor/trainer: Chemical Warfare Live Agents Trainer (2011), OPCW Trainer in Assistance and Protection (2020), worldwide activity as a trainer and EU expert since 2012
  • Forensic Lab Analyst and Scientific Fire Investigation activity started in 2008
  • Versatile, multidisciplinary, multifaceted, open-minded experience and background

Cameron Mann – United Kingdom

  • A former UK Police Chief Inspector specializing  in CBRN and Counter Terrorism; including 7 years at the UK Government, Office for Security & Counter Terrorism, building the UK’s National CBRN capabilities.
  • Former Deputy Head of the UK National CBRN Centre with responsibility for the  UK’s National CBRN Exercise Programme; quality assurance of the UK’s National Multi-Agency CBRN Commander Training; former Chair of the UK’s Multi Agency CBRN Practitioners Forum.
  • Experienced in providing expert advice and support to the European Commission and various research and innovation projects in the design and delivery of CBRN capabilities, strategy, policy, tactics, training and exercises.

Milan Orolín – Slovak Republic

  • Graduated in the field of biotechnology and genetic engineering at the Slovak University of Agriculture, experience in research and development with the Department of Molecular Pathogenesis of Viruses (Institute of Virology of the Slovak Academy of Science)
  • Former advisor in the Department of Civil Protection and Crisis Planning of the Slovak Ministry of Interior
  • Currently working in the Control Chemical Laboratories of Civil Protection (Slovak Ministry of Interior), a specialized institution serving mainly as a second line defence to CBRN and MazMat incident response, applying various methods of chemical and radiological analysis to identify unknown substances

Frantisek Pavlasek – Czech Republic

  • Experienced in arms control inspections for the verification of chemical weapons
  • Expert in chemical weapons design, destruction and arms control procedures
  • Experienced field security incident coordinator for contingency planning of field activities including developing emergency response guidelines and crisis management planning
  • Experienced in maintaining liaison with law enforcement, security and emergency service agencies and relevant Host Government authorities

Douglas Stirling – United Kingdom

  • Head of the joint emergency services unit Scottish Multi-Agency Resilience Training and Exercise Unit (SMARTEU)
  • Expertise in training and exercises involving police, fire, ambulance and their key partners

Jan Vaes – Belgium

  • Nurse Specialist and Head of the Disaster Cell at the Military Hospital Queen Astrid Brussels (MHQA)
  • Co-founder of the Belgian High Secure Infectious Diseases Transport Capacity and the CBRNe Medical Team MHQA
  • Expertise on medical CBRNe, transport of highly suspected infectious cases (Ebola – SARS)
  • Medical manager (regulation) during the Brussels terrorist attacks of 22 March 2016

Gert Van Bortel – Belgium

  • Global Head Emergency Response BASF SE since April 1, 2017
  • Guest teacher and speaker at KUL, ie-net, UAMS, UA and VESTA since 2003. Main topics: incident management, HazMat, ER planning and sharing experiences
  • Chairman of ICE within CEFIC
  • Member of AK TUIS in Germany
  • Member of Referat 9 – Civil Protection
  • 24 years member of the voluntary fire brigade Wommelgem

Philippe Vandenhole – Belgium

  • First Police Commissioner – Brussels Police Department
  • Volunteer Fire Captain – Fire Brigade of Ronse

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