Harmonized procedures for C and B

The harmonisation of the procedures that are used in the case of a chemical or biological terrorist attack by first responders.

Bullseye involves seven disciplines of first responders: non-specialist police, emergency medical services, fire fighters and civil protection, specialist police, military/defence, DVI/forensics and laboratories. 

First, a questionnaire about the existing procedures and available equipment for chemical and biological terrorist threats will be sent out to first responders of the partner countries. Based on this survey, the existing procedures and equipment will be mapped and the gaps will be identified. The gap analysis report will build on the existing research from other projects. 

From 2020 until 2022 a series of workshops will take place, where experts from all seven disciplines will meet practitioners from their field. Together, they will start from the gap analysis to discuss best practices for their discipline’s response to a chemical or biological terrorist attack. At the end of the workshop, they should have a draft of procedures for their discipline. 

Finally, a multidisciplinary workshop will be organised to ensure that the procedures of the different disciplines are aligned.

Procedures first line

Procedures second line