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Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear & Explosive (CBRNe) incidents, whether accidental or terrorist-based, can have a high impact on society. PROACTIVE aims to increase practitioner effectiveness in managing large and diverse groups of people in a CBRNe environment.

The main goal of the PROACTIVE project is to enhance preparedness against and response to a CBRNe incident through a better harmonisation of procedures between various categories of practitioners, and a better understanding of the needs of vulnerable citizen groups.

BULLSEYE and PROACTIVE signed a Letter of Cooperation in June 2020.


PRINCE aims to support first aid responders and law enforcement/security authorities by providing them with an evidence base for strategic level decisions related to prevention, detection, respiratory protection, decontamination and response to a CBRN event.

PRINCE aims to produce recommendations by creating a PRINCE catalog of training curricula and CBRNE SOPs and plans for two incidents (chemical and radiological).

BULLSEYE and PRINCE signed a Letter of Cooperation in July 2020.


MELODY‘s general objective is to design, develop, test, improve and quality assure a harmonised CBRN training curriculum for (CBRN) first responders and medical staff. It takes into consideration:

  • existing training programs, curricula and materials,
  • what is being used and valued by training institutes in Europe,
  • the practitioners’ needs,
  • possible cultural differences.

The final CBRN training curriculum is expected to reflect existing needs and match the current wishes of practitioners in the field. The training curriculum could therefore be used directly by practitioners who are interested in learning more about CBRN first response. The curriculum may be easily adopted and deployed in all EU Member States, who can tailor it even further should they have any additional, specific needs.


The MALL-CBRN project is aiming at creating prevention, response and consequence management mechanisms and interoperable capabilities, recommendations for equipment for internal security service as well as algorithms of cooperation with services in cases of CBRN acts in shopping centres that also applicable to other large-scale venues.

A multidisciplinary team of experienced specialists representing various fields of expertise, will share their experience and transmit professional knowledge of dealing with CBRNe risks in shopping malls areas. The project represents a novel concept of prevention against CBRNe threats, focused on specific areas which have not been prepared for this type of acts so far.


The overall goal of the eNOTICE project is to establish a European network of CBRN training, testing and demonstration centres aiming at enhancing CBRN training capacity for improved preparedness and incident response through increased collaboration between CBRN training centres and practitioners’ needs-driven CBRN innovation and research.


JA TERROR’s main objectives are to address gaps in health preparedness and to strengthen cross-sectoral work with security, civil protection and health sectors response to biological and chemical terror attacks.

JA TERROR started in 2021 and will run for 36 months. The project cooperates with DG Sante, DG Home and DG Echo and 17 countries are participating.

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