Bullseye Multi-Agency Workshop (Antwerp, 8-11 March 2022)

From 8 to 11 March 2022 a group of 26 international CBRN-specialists and practitioners gathered in Antwerp (Belgium) for the Bullseye Multi-Agency Workshop. Non-specialist police, emergency medical services, fire fighters and civil protection, specialist police, and military/defence from Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, the Slovak Republic and Spain were present, as well as experts from DVI/forensics and laboratories. 

Building further upon the procedures for the first-, second-, and third-line responders that have been established during the previous three workshops in Warsaw, Bratislava and Madrid, the CBRN-specialists and practitioners worked on harmonising these procedures and develop a coherent response to a chemical or biological attack.  

Furthermore, the experts provided valuable insights from their real-life experiences with terrorism and CBRN. 

Thanks to the active and professional interaction between the participants, moderators, experts and Bullseye partners, we are confident to deliver soon the results of the workshop. 

We look forward continuing the process by testing the procedures during monodisciplinary trainings and a multidisciplinary exercise.

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