Bullseye in Be Prepared

Van Mechelen, I. (2019). Bullseye: de interventiediensten in Europa voorbereiden op een chemische of biologische terroristische aanslag. Be Prepared, 3(2), 21-23.


In the past years, the European Union has been struck multiple times by terroristic attacks. Still fresh in memory are those of Paris, Brussels, Barcelona and Manchester. Research showed it were not solely well-organized networks – often linked to IS – plotting these attacks, but just as well lone wolves. Their goal is to make as much victims as possible and to disrupt the socio-economic life. Despite the fact, no CBRN materials are used to date in large-scale attacks on European soil, there are clues that terrorists are preparing and broadening their knowledge and capacities. The European Project Bullseye, coordinated by the Belgian National Crisis Center, aims to prepare emergency services on an attack of such character.